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Confidence in braking

Evolve and adapt with our customers in mind.
Correct fitting and advanced solutions help our customers to shape the mobility of the future. The cooperation between BWI, as an experienced manufacturer with strong know-how, and LSP, as a pioneer and innovator in braking, ensures individual, customized solutions for electrified brake components. Our ambition is to develop the optimal solution in terms of cost, performance, and reliability for the respective application. This is where the greatest potential lies, as you can clearly see from our success stories.

Confidence in braking for the
fastest electric vehicle

If there were a superlative for ‘Hyper’, it would fit perfectly for the Rimac Nevera sports car – developed from the Rimac C-Two. Offering an incredible 1914HP and 2360 Newton meters of maximum torque, it outdoes even its extreme competitors.

The powerful Croatian hypercar delivers an incredible driving performance, and with it an extraordinary demand on the brakes and other parts. The braking system needs to be of the highest standard. This combination of technologies is the reason for the success. Record-braking acceleration and driving on the limit place the highest demands on the braking systems of the Rimac Nevera. The fastest car needs the best braking system.

“LSP showed flexibility & reliability in reaching the system targets, which makes them a recognized supplier for future projects.“

Tomislav Šimunić
Engineer Rimac

The partners LSP and BWI are enthusiastic about their cooperation with the Rimac Performance Team, and one thing is certain: The world record for the shortest braking distance will be the next to fall! Rimac Nevera: The fastest car in the world is fully electric and accelerates to 100 km/h in just 1.85 seconds. The Rimac Nevera boasts unique technological components. Tomislav Šimunić’s Rimac Performance Team also relied on the current iDBC² brake system developed by LSP & BWI for their latest model. The technical challenge placed on the braking system led to a particularly short braking distance being made possible. It even inspired former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg: One of the biggest challenges was the brakes. The car has the ability to recuperate 300 kilowatts of energy when braking. So it’s really hard to make the brake pedal feeling seem natural and get everything to work seamlessly. They also had to increase the hydraulic pressure on the brake pedal to make the brake pedal feel supernaturally firm. That was a big challenge, but they overcame it.“

“It was a big challenge, but they came through it.“

Nico Rosberg

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Decades of experience in
scaling innovation to series

The collaboration between LSP and BWI is showcased by the outstanding braking system of the hyper sports car Rimac Nevera. BWI itself has also developed an on-board hydraulic lifting system as a variable vehicle height provides various significant advantages: Driving over speed humps or getting into the vehicle when it is in a raised position is much easier, while a lowered position offers obvious aerodynamic advantages and, due to a lower center of gravity, lateral dynamics benefit considerably.

The BWI height control system, with up to three different, axle-by-axle levels, can be activated via the human-machine interface at the driver’s request. It can also work automatically via electronic, camera or sensor-based systems or together with a GPS system. Ultimately, up to around 25 millimeters of ground clearance make a big difference in practice.

A height-adjustable chassis does not seem to be a big issue: With suitable hydraulic and electronic components, BWI’s was comparatively straight forward to manage. However, the problem was mainly how to package it and, ideally, optimize the available space. One further, challenging requirement was that the system had to be able to reliably build up a pressure of up to 150 bar.

In this project for Rimac, BWI has impressively demonstrated that cutting-edge innovations can be precisely adapted to meet customer needs and brought into series production. We have used this innovative strength and flexibility in the development of the iDBC2 while also maximizing savings.

“Innovation invites criticism, but in the end it is worth it.“

Dan Borgemenke
BWI Group FRHC Hydraulic Manager

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