The evolution of braking.

Discover our revolutionary 2-Box Braking Systems for your Base brake application which also enables ADAS Level 3+ and higher. Small packaging, easy upgrade, full redundancy for autonomous drive, compliance with VDA360, from 1 to unlimited.

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Our Vision

The future of braking

Our aim is to make tomorrow’s mobility safer. That’s why we are already focusing on the next generation of brakes and brake actuation systems today. We are working tirelessly to continuously improve performance, efficiency and safety, while preparing the braking function for the significant technology shift that will shape the future of the automotive industry.

Despite all the progress: the braking function will always be a crucial aspect of driver’s confidence and driving pleasure for future mobility concepts of every kind.
This is our firm belief and is what drives us every day.

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Superior System In Failure Safety
Full Redundancy For Autonomous Drive
Small packaging (130 mm), low weight (<4kg)


X-Boost technology for
confidence in braking

Our Team

The best of two worlds

What happens when you bring together a premium tier-one supplier of brake and suspension systems to the world’s leading automakers and a think tank that has been developing innovative concepts for the automotive industry for a quarter of a century?

You create a cooperation in which core competencies are combined in the best way imaginable! With the aim of offering customers even greater benefits and developing the future of braking systems for the automotive industry of tomorrow.

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Interview with Thomas Leiber CEO LSP IAS

“We present well-thought-out concepts to help people with tailor-made solutions they did not even think of before, thereby shaping new standards.“

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Interview with Alan Lee BWI Group Assistant President and CTO

“The most enjoyable part is Innovating and bringing something new to market. Innovation that makes a difference for the end customer, solving difficult problems, and finding new solutions.“

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Success Stories

Confidence in braking

Evolve and adapt with our customers in mind.
Correct fitting and advanced solutions help our customers to shape the mobility of the future. The cooperation between BWI, as an experienced manufacturer with strong know-how, and LSP, as a pioneer and innovator in braking, ensures individual, customized solutions for electrified brake components. Our ambition is to develop the optimal solution in terms of cost, performance, and reliability for the respective application. This is where the greatest potential lies, as you can clearly see from our success stories.

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Confidence in braking for the
fastest electric vehicle


Decades of experience in
scaling innovation to series

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